Message from Abid Wadood Mufti (CEO)

Dawar Enterprises is a Professional Solar, Transportation, ICT, Safety & Security CCTV, Fire Alarm, Public Address System, Firefighting system, General Order Services Company based in Peshawar, which specializes in providing cost-effective and high-value Management and Business Solutions. We help our clients with the selection, installation, and maintenance of their complete Infrastructure that runs their businesses. We have an experienced Technical and Management team, a sound financial base and the expertise to help our clients to achieve faster corporate growth. Established in 2007, Dawar Enterprises has maintained a strong reputation as a Solutions Provider and a Business Consulting Firm who can be depended upon to deliver rapid results for our clients. This reputation has enabled us to build a good reputation in the open market. Dawar Enterprises provides a full suite of Professional Services, encompassing all phases of the Solar, ICT, Safety & Security Infrastructure Project – the planning – the assessment and selection – including all phases of implementation and integration. In projects for up gradation we take care of optimization and support. All our Products and Services can be customized to meet diverse client requirements. We deliver efficiently and punctually thus enhancing the client’s value and their Solar, ICT, Safety & Security investment return. COMPANY OVERVIEW Dawar Enterprises is a Solar, ICT, Safety & Security Consulting Company specializing in the delivery of dependable and comprehensive Solutions. Since its inception in 2007 DE has proved itself consistently provided a full range of Business Consulting Services. DE Business Solutions for Financial Services and Realty Industries – Healthcare – Manufacturing – Infrastructure – Data Centers – Education – Hospitality, etc. We have a pretty straightforward motto: “Provide the Best Solutions with Superior Level of Service at the Most Affordable Cost”. In pursuit of this mission, DE has divided its internal structure into Client Need Assessment – Selection, Procurement, Supply, and Installation / Maintenance. DE is one of the most active Baykee Business Partners besides having strategic business alliances and rendering services in the field of Networking and Software Solutions leaders. We offer the latest technology and the most cost-effective IT and energy solutions. DE employs are consist of an experienced team of well-informed project managers and technical engineers whose combined knowledge and practical experience in this fast-moving and rapidly changing industry gives us an unparalleled advantage over our competitors. Our Company follows a well-planned agenda for rapid growth and market leadership and to this end, we have entered into strategic alliances with the leading manufacturers/suppliers. Our alliance with Baykee as a Business Partner where we play in the field aggressively thus enables us to offer the most cost-effective solutions to our clients.

Dawar Enterprises has striven to stay in line with the expanding market demand and continues to so successfully. We have the experience to get you the most advance to affordable solar, telecommunications, surveillance, and security systems. In initiating mega projects without any delays and aspire to the satisfaction of our valuable clients, we know the trivialities that need to be taken care of. We are appreciated for our commitment and for keeping high standards. We have been distinguished for providing intelligent security.

Dawar Enterprises ensures high standards for the service and performance in the field of supplying quality products to its clients. Our core objective and success is the satisfaction of our clients that is corroborated by a proven record that we would like to show you. Our mechanism of operation is made up of responsiveness, collaboration, and passion for delivering, which is we believe is exceptionally valuable to our clients.

Our specialties are unique and creative solutions that meet the client’s expectations not only by realizing the client’s business objectives but also the importance of his public relations. We also design and implement cost-effective solutions according to the budget. Our highly motivated and professional team is always ready to deliver according to their needs.

The following are also in our domain:
  1. Firefighting, Fire Alarm, Public address
  2. General Order Supplier
  3. Transportation
  4. Solar Power Generation and industrial generators
  5. Safety & Security Assessments / Hi-Tech Surveillance Systems,
  6. Training Telecommunications (HF, VHF, UHF, VSAT, Microwave, Tower installations, and maintenance)
  7. Unified Communications
  8. IT Solutions (Repair & Maintenance)Construction & Civil works
  9. General Order Supplier
  10. Assets / Warehouse Management / RFID / Access Control

We do hope that we can work together for maximum benefit to you. Please contact us:

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